Theo at 9 months

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Although I frequently mention my baby son Theo on here, and you’’ll see his cheeky face peeking out of my Instagram, I haven’t done a proper update about him for quite a while.

I'm not sure who agreed to let time go so fast, but he’s nine months old now and quite a lot has changed since I wrote an open letter to him on his half-birthday.

His little personality is really blossoming at the moment, and he’s turning out to be excellent company (not that I'm biased or anything!).

He’s a very smiley, happy baby. That generally seems to be the first thing that people tell me about him. He’s extremely sociable and loves meeting people - in fact, he won’t let them ignore him!

Ive lost count of the times we've been out at a restaurant or coffee shop or in a lift with someone, and he’ll just fix them with a massive grin and beam at them until they’re forced to introduce themselves to him!

His little sense of humour is developing too. He has a really salty giggle like someone just told him a filthy joke that makes me crease up. Many times we just get into a spiral where we sit there giggling at each other for a good twenty minutes or so.

He loves singing and music as well and even sings his own little nonsense songs to entertain me.

I love how he allows me to be silly. Ive always been far too cool (ahem) to clown around in public, but now I’m always dancing, pulling silly faces and fooling around and I don't care who see. Id do anything to hear his lovely infectious giggle.

He’s not crawling yet, although he’s moving in every other way - shuffling, rolling, twisting, you name it!

He can get across a room, so its now at the stage where you can’t turn your back on him for a second. He’ll also grab onto things like the bars of his cot or the sofa and pull himself up.

He’s always had strong little legs and loved being stood up to see around from his first few months.

Theo is extremely caring. He’ll pat your face and coo at you, which is heart melting. He can also clap now and will applaud you if you do something he’s a fan of!

He’s got such a deep bond with Seb and is forever asking for ‘Dada’ when he’s at work. After a month or so of saying that, he finally came out with ‘Mama’ the other week too, so I was in floods of tears. He says them in context so I'm fairly sure he understands the meaning and it isn’t just a noise.

His favourite toy is a little stuffed ‘Guess How Much I Love You?’ rabbit his godmother Katie gave him and he also loves his farm animal activity station, but Id have to say he’s keener on the television remote and absolutely loves changing the channel!

It got so bad we had to find an old remote without any batteries for him but he’s not stupid and definitely prefers the real thing.

He has lots of dark hair now and his eyes have stayed blue - well, they’re actually more of a grey-green colour.

He’s chunky and strong with adorable marshmallow arms and legs. After all the initial struggles we had where he wouldn’t put on weight, I'm glad to see him doing so well.

Theo enjoys so many different foods now and seems to like my cooking! His favourites are Greek yogurt and sweet potato, but he’ll also eat unusual stuff like black olives! The only things he doesn't like are green peppers and, strangely, strawberry jam.

He loves meeting people and also just hanging out with our cat and two hens in the garden.

We've had an amazing time for the past few months, doing coffee mornings, swimming lessons, baby sensory classes and picnics galore.

I've treasured my time hanging out with Theo and bonding with him and it's crazy to think I go back to work at the end of next month.

I'm so going to miss all the little adventures a day with him brings, but I suppose it will make the time I do have with him even more special.

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