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Sunday 8 May 2016

So, outfit posts seem to be like buses for me- I don't do one for ages, and then several come at once!

I guess lately I've been beginning to rediscover my love of nice clothes and narrow down what my style really is now.

Becoming a mummy has made me re-evaluate what I like to wear, if only in terms of combining some attempt at style with practicality- oh I used to hate that word but its necessary now! 

I've realised I like simple, clean shapes, luxe details and an uptown-meets-rock sort of styling that gives a bit if edge, but in a refined way. 

Of course,  that's not always what the end result is, especially when I'm just taking Theo to the park,  but it's good to have something to aim for!

Monochrome collarless blazer | Topshop
Grey jersey t-shirt with jewelled collar | Zara
'Ennis' leopard print ponyskin trainers | Dune
Classic flap bag medium | Chanel
'Lucas' slim cut boyfriend jeans | Topshop

A good jacket solves so many problems! I have a big collection of little blazers and smart jackets, because they go with everything and bring a nice element of tailoring even to a casual look. 

A simple tee gets added interest from a jewelled neckline. The stretch jersey fabric is so comfortable and soft to wear.

The jeans have been a revelation to me. It's been years since I've worn any cut but skinny, and I never though boyfriend jeans were for me until I tried these. I followed a tip from one of my favourite bloggers, Elisabeth, who raves about them and am I glad I did! 

Because they are a slimmer cut boyfriend,they're relaxed but not too baggy. I love the look of them paired with a jacket, and they're the comfiest thing since pyjama bottoms as well!

And if you go uptown with the bag, it always adds a layer of polish to even the most casual look.

And with the latest in changing table style, here's a little outfit of the day from Theo as well.

Tan chino trousers | Next
Navy and burgundy rugby top | Ralph Lauren Baby 
Stripy socks | Jojo Maman Bebe
Navy pinstripe dribble bib | Funky Giraffe 

He has a much better wardrobe than I do! He was so proud to pose with Hortense the Hippo, who is his new favourite toy.

So it was just a very relaxed family Sunday, we were actually shopping for tiles (oh the glamour!) as we are currently having our main bathroom renovated, I cannot wait to show you the results! 

It was the one major thing I wanted to change immediately when we moved into our house, but it's taken us a year to get round to it with the baby and everything. 

It was so bad before - think yellowish painted wood chip walls, a well worn suite with rusty taps and one of those very tasteful 70s mirrors with the inbuilt shaving plug and light! 

So the room is chaos at the moment but there's sort of light at the end of the tunnel, the walls and flooring are done so we're just waiting for the suite to arrive and be plumbed in, then it will be tiling and then just the finishing touches to add.

After picking out our new tiles, we headed to Yumacha, a lovely little restaurant where we live that serves different oriental cuisines. It's a favourite of ours, so I've mentioned it before.

They do Dim Sum Sunday's, where you can choose from a delicious selection of dim sum and dumplings, steamed buns filled with sweet sticky pork and other lovely things.

They are also a tea house and serve a wide variety of different teas. I went for this apple and mint one, which even has little rosebuds floating in the cup.

And of course, Theo wanted to try some of everything and flirt with the waitress as well! 

Where's your favourite place to spend a lazy Sunday? 

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