Not Able To Spend Your Friend's Birthday With Her? Here's How You Can Make It Special!

Wednesday 16 March 2016

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If one of your closest friends has a birthday coming up, the chances are that you want to make it extra special for her.

Whether you’ll be spending the day with her or will be seeing her afterwards, there are plenty of ways you can make her big day fun and memorable.

It’s easy to think that when we’re not able to celebrate with a friend that we can’t do anything to ensure their birthday goes well, but that’s not true.

There are plenty of things that you can do to make your besties birthday extra special even if you’re 1000 miles apart. For a little birthday inspiration, here are a few tips and ideas.

Get creative with her card

Ask anyone; the birthday card is always the best bit. Yes, receiving an array of beautiful presents is lovely, but it’s birthday cards that are most exciting.

Men don’t really see the appeal of cards, but for us girls, we just love the sentiment behind them. Picking out a card you know someone else will love and then writing a cute message is just the sweetest gesture.

Instead of sending any old card, get creative. If you can’t be there to help her celebrate in person, what’s the next best thing? One of these video cards by Videogram, of course!

Trust me on this; she'll love that you’ve taken the time to film a cute little message just for her. This is the sweetest gesture and one that she’s sure to love.

Make it funny, sad, sweet, reminisce about that time the two of you tried yoga and got the giggles halfway through class, say whatever you want.

Order a birthday cake to be delivered 

What’s a birthday without cake?

Seeing that the birthday girl is one of your closest friends, you’re sure to know what her fave cake flavour is. Get in touch with one of the best bakeries near where you friend lives and order her favourite cake to be delivered.

Whether you opt for a plain chocolate fudge cake or a novelty design, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that on her birthday, the birthday girl has a delicious cake to tuck into.

This is a small gesture but one that she will absolutely love you for. Make it even cuter by arranging for the cake, to be delivered along with a bottle of bubbly.

Everyone knows that birthdays are about the bubbles, right ladies? I mean, if you can’t drink champagne for breakfast on your birthday, when can you?

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Send her a treat hamper 

Instead of sending her one gift, make her up a basket of little treats. You might not be able to be there to spoil her but you can send her lots of lovely little pressies to make up for it.

Don’t make the mistake of buying her clothing, as it’s always a tricky one to get right. Instead, select a few chic accessories. Scarves, bags, hats, jewellery all make fantastic little presents, as can a gift card to her fave store. No matter how well you know her, buying clothes for someone else is always a big no-no.

For beauty treats , get creative. While you could buy her things that you know she loves, it’s more fun to send her new products to try. The chances are if you have similar tastes when it comes to makeup and skincare, she’ll love whatever you send her.

It might suck being away from your bestie on her birthday but there are plenty of ways you can make sure her big day is special.

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