Easy Dark Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Are you on a new year health kick? At a guess, something like 80% of the population spend January trying to clean up their diet after the festive excess.

Perhaps it was even your New Years Resolution to lose some weight?

Well this is the week that most people fall off the wagon, so in order to keep us all going, I'm going to be sharing a favourite recipe that tastes sinful but is really quite saintly! (Besides, this post explains why resolutions don't work and these two show how to set goals that stick  and how to find motivation).

I don't usually share recipes on here, but these are so good. As part of my #Project2016 series, I'll be trying out some more healthy cooking treats and I'll be sharing some of the best ones here.

Dark chocolate and banana pancakes with syrup doesn't sound like something you should be able to eat without feeling guilty, but wait!! 

These are low-carb, clean eating ketogenic pancakes. And they're perfect for breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea or pudding.  They work on a paleo or Atkins diet, and best of all for time pushed people like me, they only take four ingredients and 10 minutes to make! 

Using a low carb protein powder, like whey, makes them ideal for a post-workout snack. 

I like to make up some of the batter in an evening while the dinner is cooking and store it in the fridge to use in the morning, which means even less wasted time. 

Recipe: Easy Dark Chocolate and Banana Protein Pancakes 

>> Low Carb
>> Ketogenic
>> Four ingredients 
>> Eat anytime
>> Quick and easy to make
>> Makes 4-5 small pancakes 


A large banana,mashed 
Two eggs 
Half a teaspoon of baking powder
Two scoops of dark chocolate whey protein powder (I use Six Star Lean Protein Isolate Blend in Rich Chocolate) 


1. Heat up a large frying pan on the stove  to sizzling hot.
2. Make the pancake batter by adding the mashed banana, eggs, baking powder and whey protein powder to a blender or whisking in a bowl. If the batter needs loosening you can add a splash of almond or soy milk. Blend or whisk until everything is thoroughly combined.
3. Grease the frying pan with non-stick cooking spray or a tiny bit of butter, before pouring in 2-3 tablespoon of the pancake batter at a time, to form a medium pancake.
4. Cook on each side for about a minute, flipping over after each side. Pop on a plate and serve!

Ways to serve

With a scoop of nut butter
Drizzle of creme fraiche
Topped with banana slices
With SkinnySyrup no cal syrup (I love the English Toffee flavour)
With fresh plums and a dash of cinnamon
Stir in some raisins
Add dried apricots to the mix

And there it is, simple, tasty and virtuous. Also filling thanks to the protein- it's a win win! 

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  1. YUM! These look so good! I will definitely be flipping a few of these on pancake day!

    Claudia xx