Five Favourites | December 2015

Thursday 31 December 2015

Phew - wasn't December a hectic month?

I feel like the whole of this year has gone by in a blur and especially the last month. Prepping for our first family Christmas has taken up a lot of time, and goodness know where the days go when there's a three month old to look after!

I'm starting a Five Favourite series to quickly share some of the stuff that's caught my eye each month. It can be cultural, beauty or home related, new stuff or rediscovered.

Here are the items I've been loving this month…

Red Velvet Cupcake Hot Chocolate 

Although the weather has been unseasonably warm in December and it didn't really feel winters enough for Christmas in some ways, that wasn't going to stop me getting a few hot chocolates in the mix!

I am absolutely loving this delicious Red Velvet Cupcake flavour. Even the little tin is gorgeous. I use a cappuccino whisk to fluff up the mix and make it extra creamy.

TonyMoly Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask

My skin is really taking a battering with the lack of sunshine and lack of sleep I'm getting at the moment, so I'm trying to put some of the glow back in by using one of these sheet masks once a week.

They leave skin so soft and with a real radiance - it's almost like having a spa facial, especially if you use a good exfoliant before applying.

Xenca Five A Day Plus

Talking of being a little run down, my immune system and health is also generally a little low at this time of year, plus all the rubbish you tend to eat around the Christmas holidays can't be good.

So to feel like I'm at least doing something right, I've been making sure to get a couple of scoops of this in a cup of orange juice every day.

This green super food powder is equivalent to five servings of fruit and vegetables. It helps to boost energy, detox the system and provide vital nutrients. I wouldn't replace the veg in my diet with this, obviously, but it's great to know you've hit your five a day before you even get started.

KakaRun Leather Ankle Boots with Clear Wedge

A girl can never have too many black ankle boots in my opinion (the inside of my wardrobe bears clear testament to that!) but this pair are definitely my most worn current favourites.

They're the nicest, butter soft leather with that nice almond toe shape and of course, the point of difference with the clear wedge heel. I absolutely love the design of these (I also have a pair of court shoes featuring this heel design) and thanks to the wedge, they're actually comfortable to wear as well.

Mestige Empress Rings Necklace 

This necklace has been adding a festive touch to my outfits this month. It goes with a lot of different things, from a jumper and jeans to a dress.

I'm usually a fan of the big,bold statement necklace so I like the fact that this is a bit more understated. The mix of metals and the Swarovski crystals to pretty it up work to create something that looks refined but still with an edge.

So those were my five favourites for the final month of the year. What have you been loving lately?

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