These Are the Gifts I Most Appreciated as a New Mum

Thursday 1 October 2015

There are lots of special occasions when you might want to buy someone a gift. The birth of their babyis one of them, and you may be unsure what to get.

I appreciated every single one of the presents I was given when Theo was born. So I thought I could give some advice about what makes a good gift for a first-time mum.

I loved all the gifts we got, but some of them were more useful to me than others. Not all the presents I enjoyed were practical, though. Sometimes what a first-time mum needs most is something that cheers them up and helps them feel more human.


A new family needs a lot of clothes, and not just for the baby. Even though I knew having a baby would be messy, I never imagined it would generate as much laundry as it does.

On a good day, life with a newborn involves three outfit changes for the little one and at least one each for mum and dad. A lot of people get clothes for the baby, which is always appreciated. I can never have enough babygrows!

But it's also nice to have clothes for myself too. I like having something comfortable that helps to make me feel good about myself. Having a baby changes your body forever, so putting on something pretty, even if it might soon have puke all over it, can give a new mum a confidence boost.

Smelly bath things

New mums don't get much time to themselves. Even with a second parent there to share the load, it's still a full-time job, especially in the first few days.

When I got home from the hospital, I wanted nothing more than to have a bath. I had precious few moments to myself, so when I could get some time alone I loved being able to pamper myself.

A bath bomb, some delicious-smelling shower gel or a fancy shampoo are the perfect remedies to a long day.

Image: Bridget Coila

Home Accessories 

Another thing that's hard to do when you're short on time is keep the house tidy. And as you struggle to clean up, you can find yourself stuck at home.

Going out with your baby for the first time is daunting, and a lot of first-time mums take a while to do it.

I enjoyed at least having some beautiful things to look at, even if the house wasn't in the best state it's ever been in.

Try looking at and other sites with lovely homewares. You can try candles, picture frames and other fun things to brighten up their home.

Pamper time

I would have really appreciated if someone had got me a massage! It's difficult to fit pampering into your schedule, but you can get someone to come to your home to make it easier.

Mobile spa therapists can come and do your hair, give you a manicure, and more. And you don't have to move from the sofa! If you want to do that for a friend, just make sure you coordinate with them and plan it for a convenient time.

New babies are beautiful and special things, but don't forget about mum in all the excitement. She'll appreciate a bit of attention too!

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