Finding That Perfect Gift For Your Man

Friday 23 October 2015

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I've recently written about great gifts to give a new mother, and even about what kind of gifts men should be buying you, so now I'm thinking about ideas to return the favour and get something out of the ordinary for the men in your life.

If you're a planner like me, and you love finding thoughtful, unique surprises for people, this topic will definitely be on your mind at the moment!

With Christmas fast approaching, it won’t be long until the high-street is full of men’s shower gels, fragrance sets and other unimaginative options. If you’re looking for unique unusual gifts for your other half you probably won’t find them here.

The internet however, is an oasis of gift ideas. Here’s some of the best gift ideas I’ve found to give you some top notch inspiration.
There are some fantastic options available if you just know where to look.

I like to start off my search looking at sites that cater to unique gifts for men. This is a good starting point as it will show you a variety of options. These can often range from luxury items to more jokey presents.

The gifts are usually organised by theme. This can be helpful if your partner likes a specific activity such as football or wine tasting. Once you've seen what they have to off, it will help you search for a more specific gift for your loved one.

One idea I particularly love is the gift of quality time. Decide a day when you will both be free and plan a whole day of activities. These can be as extravagant or simple as you like. So you have something to give to him on the day, why don’t you make a card or a map containing instructions.

If you aren’t that creative, sites such as Etsy have hundreds of personalised cards available. You just have to choose the design. He will love all the extra effort you’ve put in and will be intrigued by what you’ve got planned.

Beards are still a huge trend. So why not help your man get his in check this Christmas and buy him a professional shave? This is the perfect gift for the wannabe gentleman.

Murdock London offer many different gift experience packages, including beard trims and haircuts. These are for cleanly shaven and bearded men alike. It’s a brilliant experience and one I’m sure he will love to try out. If you aren’t able to make it to a Barber’s, Lush have some fabulous beard products to choose from. Plus their packaging is wonderful.

Does your Man love movies or video games? If so you can’t go wrong with a projector. This gift will help turn any room into a cinema or gaming zone. He will love playing his games on such a huge scale and it will also be perfect for movie nights in and house parties.

Hampers are always brilliant gifts, regardless of whether you buy it pre-made or make it yourself. Choosing a theme will make this easier.

For example, if they enjoy films, fill it will dvds, posters and snacks. If they enjoy drinking coffee at work, make a hamper they can take with them. Fill it with nice biscuits and varying coffee beans. You can make them as serious or as fun as you want. Just make sure they relate to you partner in some way.

I’ve realised the key to buying the perfect gift is making it personal. Now you’ve got your inspiration, go out and find that gift!

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