Spending Quality Time with your other Half: My Ideas

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Spending quality time with your partner is so important.

If you don’t spend quality time together, you could risk the spark going out. I’ve just had a baby, but I know how important it is for me and my partner to keep our dates alive. 

Here are some of my ideas for spending quality time with your other half:

Eat Out Somewhere Special

I like to eat out at different places. I obviously have my favourites, but we both like to try somewhere new from time to time. 

Read reviews online to find somewhere nice if you’re planning on travelling a bit further away. It’s a good excuse for me to get dressed up too! 

Go for a Walk

If you don’t want to spend much money and you both have some free time, go for a walk! 

Walking is free and is a great way to stay active. You both get to bond over the scenery and will no doubt have some deep and meaningful conversations along the way. 

Buy a walking book with walks of your area so you’re never stuck for inspiration. 

Go to a Theme Park

Theme parks are so much fun. You could even take your kids along if you have them, but you’ll focus on the kids rather than each other if that’s the case. 

Regardless you’re bound to have a lot of laughs and a great day out! No need to spend a fortune either when it’s so easy to find cheap theme park tickets.

Cook for Each Other
So, you want nice food but you haven’t got much to spend. Cook for one another! 

Choose something you haven’t made before and get creative in the kitchen.

One could do the starter and another the main, or you could help each other. It’s a great way to bond and impress one another. Home dates still count as dates! 


Take a Weekend Break

If you want to get away for a bit, go for a weekend break somewhere nice. There are lots of places in the UK you can choose from. 

Just make sure you make a bit of an itinerary before you go, so you know that you have things to do. 

Leave yourselves free time too, because you’re bound to find things you want to do there once you arrive. 

Go to a Spa

A spa break is a nice romantic way to spend some time together and have some quality relaxation time. 

Perfect if you’re both finding home life stressful (maybe you’ve had a baby like me!) and want a nice way to let off some steam. I love facials and back massages, but you can even just use the facilities. 
It’s so important to make time for each other, no matter how many kids you have or how long you’ve been together. 

That quality time is the most important thing and will help to keep you close. 

Do you have any good ideas for spending quality time with a partner? 

Make sure you leave them below!

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