Review: ORGANII Aloe Eucalyptus Mouthwash

Monday 28 September 2015

Confession time. Before Theo came along, I really wasn't that bothered about organic products, especially when it came to personal care.

And yet, something about bringing this little person into the world has really changed my mind. Babies are so pure, and the idea of bringing them into contact with lots of chemicals doesn't sit right.

This idea has led to me being more interested in eco-friendly and organic products for myself as well.

That's why I was interested to try ORGANII - a new range of mouthwashes, made using organic alcohol extracted from fruit and vegetables.

This means they're free from any pesticides and chemical fertilisers. If you have very sensitive teeth and gums, it's also much less harsh.

I normally use quite a harsh mouthwash, the kind that actually makes you wince if you leave it in too long, so it was refreshing to use something much gentler that still felt effective,

Brushing on its own doesn't clean the whole mouth, so if you want white, bright healthy teeth and gums, you really need to be using something else to get to the hard to reach areas.

Mouthwash keeps us fresh but there are a lot of downsides to some of the chemicals, preservatives and alcohol in them that can irritate.

It's really great to find a 100% natural, organic solution that's kind to teeth.

There are two flavour options which will please people that aren't fans of an intense mint taste - citrus and eucalyptus, both made with aloe vera.

I tried the eucalyptus flavour and it really surprised me. The taste is gently herbal and after rinsing my teeth felt very clean.

But the best part? Normally in the morning when I wake up, my teeth have that nasty, fuzzy feeling even after cleaning the night before but I noticed that lessened with this- my teeth still felt smooth and shiny!

I'm really impressed with this organic mouthwash and how it's left me clean and fresh without any chemical nasties.

You can buy ORGANII mouthwash at for £

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