Week 37 Update

Saturday 15 August 2015

And here we are at full-term! It seems pretty unbelieveable, but the little man could literally be arriving any day now. I'm feeling a very odd mixture of incredibly excited and very daunted. I can't quite wrap my head around how different life could be in such a short space of time.

Everything is prepped and waiting, from the neatly packed hospital bag to the car seat fixed in the back, so now we're down to that horrid waiting game - its all up to him and when he wants to make an appearance.

Health-wise, I've been on a bit of a downward slope, so I'm sort of looking forward to not being pregnant any more, although part of me knows I'll miss my little bump (or not so little now!).

Sleep is getting very tough indeed. Aside from the difficulty of actually getting comfortable, I seem to have circulation issues as I keep waking up with numb parts and painful parts after lying in one position for too long. This is making life really hard, because I'm constantly tired and can't sleep at night.

I've also developed PGP - or pelvic girdle pain. For a few weeks now, I've had a literal pain in the ass - a feeling like a trapped nerve or something in my bum making it hard to walk (oh the glamour of pregnancy!). My mum thought it might be sciatica, but as there was no pain in my back I wasn't convinced.

Then I also started getting a horrible pain in my pelvic sockets that would feel a bit like my leg was dislocating. When I looked this up I found it was actually part of the same thing as the previous pain. Apparently, its down to a hormone called relaxin that the body releases - this softens your joints and makes them more flexible to help the baby out during labour. I'm glad to finally know what it is, but it has made being active difficult. Just grateful because it can start much earlier on and at least I'm on the last couple of weeks now.

Literally cannot wait to give up work now. Although I wouldn't change starting my maternity leave fairly late, as it means more time with the baby afterwards, I still think my original plan of using holiday to go down to part time hours in the final month, would have worked so much better. I do regret letting work talk me out of using my holiday leave before I left, although it does mean insane amounts of time off for next year.

But the sheer fact of doing a full day is getting to me, and I want to be off work at this point. I feel almost like I've started to mentally disengage after ages worrying about handing over my projects.

I've been trying to make time to meet up with friends in the last week. I went for lunch at the Nottingham Contemporary with Kaj, a friend I met doing my CIM course six years ago. She's got a little girl and has been really supportive and lovely. Then I also went for tea and cakes with two of my friends from work on Friday, which was really nice.

Looking forward to my new life now - I'm feeling very domestic and nesty and ready as I can be for the next phase! My worries now mainly centre around not wanting to go overdue and have to be induced, so fingers crossed he makes a timely appearance!

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