Life Lately July 2015

Friday 31 July 2015

It seems unreal that July is almost over already, and there’s just one month standing between me and motherhood!

Wow. In so many ways, I don’t think I’ll ever feel ready for what’s about to come, but in others I’m getting impatient.

I already feel so close to this little person, to think I’m four or five weeks away from laying eyes on him is incredibly exciting, daunting and brilliant. It’s like the world’s most meaningful blind date!

This month seemed to be a lot of routine un-fun stuff, like getting new tyres and the car serviced and MOT’d, and going on endless missions to buy nursery furniture, plus dentist appointments, midwives appointments, classes at the hospital…. Its been such a ‘grown up’ month. #

I have been trying to tick things off my Bump to Baby Bucket List as well, and dealing with feeling generally less active and more like a beached whale!

Antenatal Classes Continue

We've been continuing with our antenatal classes, trying to prepare as much as possible for birth and beyond. I'm starting to get really big and unweildy now, and every day stuff like just walking around is getting really hard.

Its not something I thought much about back at the start when I felt really well, so I'm beginning to wish I'd booked my maternity leave to start a bit earlier now. Not sure how I'm going to make it through the next few weeks!

Every day gets a little bit harder, but its matched with growing excitement about finally meeting the little chap.

Still no exciting cravings to report, so it looks like I'm going to have the most boring pregnancy food wise - cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and melon have been about the extent of it!

Opera in the Rain

Ticking off my bucket list item to go to an outdoor concert or event, Seb and I went to a screening of Don Giovanni at Wollaton Park (otherwise known as the home of Batman). It was absolutely amazing.

We took a deluxe picnic and kicked back in the sunshine. Unfortunately no bubbly to go with it, but I compensated with elderflower presse. It was a great event. Right at the end, about 11 o clock it did start to rain though! Luckily we'd come prepared, so I just popped my rain mac on with the hood up at toughed it out -its the British way!

It was quite a storm, and I thought it actually added to the dramatic atmosphere. Really glad to have made the time to do something like that.

The Wanderer Returns

Our friend Luke lives out in Malta, but he made a visit home a couple of weeks ago, so a group of us all got to together for some food and drinks. It was really great to catch up, we don't get to see each other often enough.

We visited Fothergill's, a little pub and bistro by Nottingham Castle. Its named for an architect who designed a lot of the distinctive Victorian buildings around town.

I went for an Asian crispy duck salad, which was sooo tasty. But I did have serious chip envy for those who had a more carb heavy option. Having had a salad, I thought I could get away with dessert too, so I had a sticky toffee pudding which was glorious.

Then we went for some drinks at Brass Monkey, a little cocktail bar in the Lace Market.  I love a cocktail they do there called an Aviator, but obviously I had to stick to the plain lime and soda this time.

It was just so nice to spend some time together with friends - I'm wondering who will be next with a case of the babies!

Growing Up Fast

My little niece and nephew both had their birthdays this month -she turned 4 and he was 2.

We all got together to celebrate - there was a barbecue for Jude, and then Annabel had an arts and crafts themed party with all the little girls from her nursery class. Its such a cliche to say, but I can't believe how fast they're growing up. Annabel starts school in September, and yet it only seems five minutes that we were waiting anxiously in a hospital corridor to meet her. I don't know where the time goes.

Its very strange to think we'll be organising a kids party ourselves next year. My sister in law was a super woman and pulled off two brilliant parties complete with multiple immaculate birthday cakes. I can see I'll be asking her for lots of advice when our little boy arrives!


Orient Express

We also paid another visit to Yumacha - I can't seem to get enough of the place. Its just the perfect spot for relaxed tapas with an oriental twist, and it has the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to relax and hang out.

We met up with our friends Kati and Rich for Dim Sum Sunday. You get lots of little boxes of gorgeous steamed dumplings, and then Seb had a bento box that you can fill with all sorts of treats from the menu. A really lovely way to pass an afternoon.

They are about to buy a house together, so we had loads to talk about. Although we had a bad experience with our second move, the first one is usually a lot easier, especially if there's no chain on either side. They've had an offer accepted on the most beautiful cottage backing onto fields -  I'm so excited for them.

I'm Watching

I'm still deeply into Sons of Anarchy at the moment, although some of it is a little bit uncomfortable viewing. One of the characters faked a miscarriage recently and I didn't like watching that in my emotional pregnant state!

I've also been enjoying the return of Bojack Horseman for a bit of light relief. Its the kind of sarcastic, dark humour I like, and having Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) voicing one of the characters is the icing on the cake.

I'm Listening

The Years & Years album 'Communion'. I honestly feel like I've been waiting so long for this to drop. I pre-ordered it months ago and I'm not disappointed - its the perfect summer album. I wish I could go and see them live, but they're coming around right after the baby's due, so the timing just doesn't work.

I've also been enjoying some stuff from the iPod archives - especially Silverchair. They were never really my cup of tea before, more my husband's. But I was relaxing in the bath recently and 'Neon Ballroom' came on - I found myself really enjoying it! So I've been listening to a bit of that as well.

Other than that, its just my hypnobirthing podcasts on repeat as I try to train my mind to think more positively about what birth will be like!

I'm Reading

My attention span seems to have dived off a cliff at the moment! I think the problem is I can't really get comfortable for any amount of time, so sitting and reading for an hour is becoming a rarity. I've honestly been turning to magazines more often than books, as I want to dip in and out of something.

I've been sort of reading 'The Virgin Queen - A Personal History of Elizabeth I', which is history again, but quite light touch and entertaining. I enjoyed the Alison Weir book on Elizabeth I, but this one is quite different - it makes a lot of assumptions historically for the sake of a pacey narrative, but it also makes you feel like you're in the room.

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