Week 13 Update

Friday 27 February 2015

Hi All

I’m back with my little week 13 pregnancy update!

Mostly I’ve still been very lucky that its been plain sailing so far, I haven’t had any morning sickness, illness or anything much other than feeling more tired than usual. Even that is only really in the evenings, so I’ve had quite a few early nights, but have been okay during the day.

Seb has been amazing. He’s always been a great husband, but he’s magic at the moment, really patient, fetching me hot water bottles and drinks and doing lots of cooking and cleaning when I’m too tired after work to do much.

This Sunday he made lovely homemade pizzas and a big chicken casserole to keep us fed during the week, bless him. He’s also been cracking on with the decorating, stripping all the woodchip out of the guest room to get it ready for redecorating.

Normally, I’m quite independent but at the moment I’m feeling like I want to spend as much time as possible with him and don’t like being apart – I’ve never been so clingy! Usually its me that wants time on my own.

I’m still not really showing (depending on the outfit) and haven’t had to adapt any of my clothes just yet – trying to make this phase last as long as possible as I’m not keen on the idea of buying loads of stuff that will only fit for a few months. I am looking forward to the bump though, because it feels a bit weird that its not obvious.

Its such a relief that my family know now and that I can ask my mum and my older sister in law all the questions I’ve been dying to know.

Talking to my mum about when she had me was informative. She didn’t have any sickness during pregnancy either, but she did have a bad birth with pre-eclampsia and me being breech, and there were a lot of complications and blood loss. I’m hoping I won’t have as bad an ordeal.

My little heartburn incident thankfully subsided and I haven’t had anything since then, although I have noticed I’ve become a bit funny towards food that’s too full of flavours or heavily spiced.

It’s not that it makes me feel sick, its more of a general aversion. Its not strong enough to call it a craving, but I feel like I want to eat plain, fresh stuff all the time – lots of unseasoned vegetables and fruit, plain cheddar and toast -  really uncomplicated things.

I’ve been feeling a bit averse to food and have had to remind myself not to skip any meals when I don’t feel like eating. This is my typical favourite meal at the moment – cherry tomatoes, a bit of cheddar and some strawberries.

The other thought that’s preoccupying me at the moment is that there’s so much stuff to buy.

I’ve begun to make lists of things that I will need for the nursery and for the baby itself. I know that parents tend to convince themselves they need more gadgets etc than they really do, but even just the very basics are so expensive.

With all the stuff we need to do to the house and saving up to balance out maternity pay later in the year, I’m beginning to panic about it a little.

I’ve found the guide on Mummy Pixie really useful and no-nonsense. I’m sure we’ll manage, but it’s a bit daunting.

I literally never realised how expensive prams are either. I don’t know what I’m looking for there so we’re going to pop to Mothercare at the weekend and just have a first look at some options to try and think about what we need.

So far we haven’t bought a single thing for the baby!

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