May Fashion Haul: Office, Three Floor Fashion, Topshop and more

Friday 23 May 2014

Hello dollfaces

It’s your friendly local shopaholic calling in, giddy with the special type of excitement that only deliveries of new shoes and other goodies can bring!

I’ve found some lovely pieces this month that it would have been quite rude not to treat myself to, really! 

So I thought I would share the love and do a little posting showing you what I’ve bought this month.

I also went into Primark and did a big spring haul, so check that post out as well if you like these kinds of things.

'Mademoiselle' eyelash lace dress - Three Floor Fashion

Hands up, I am in love with this dress. 

I’ve been stalking it ever since it first came to my attention via an unlabelled Pinterest shot a couple of months ago. I didn’t know where it was from, I just knew that it made my heart beat a bit faster and the world seem a shinier place.

Every so often I would open my board up and stare longingly at it. I tried Googling it but do you know how many results come up when you search “lace dress”?!? About 5,010,000 at last count! 

So I’d sort of resigned myself to the fact that it was probably Balmain or Givenchy and well out of my price range anyway. 

When lo and behold I tracked it down! It started popping up on various c-list celebrities (but, y’know, its still a hot dress even if Lauren Pope did wear it!). 

And I found out its called the “Mademoiselle” dress (named after my favourite perfume as well, its definitely fate!) and was from a label called Three Floor Fashion, which you can buy via Asos. Score!

In the flesh – or should that be ‘fabric’- this dress is so stunning and really beautifully made.

It’s a smooth, flesh coloured fabric with a mesh overlay, and then that beautiful delicate lace appliquéd over the top. The edging is all done in soft black leather, and there are little rose-gold coloured buttons at the neck and on the cuffs. It’s beyond gorgeous.

But there’s a problem. This dress is so short! Its more of a tunic really, and I couldn’t wear it as is because it doesn’t cover my nether regions properly. I’m fairly tall (5’7’’) but it seems even shorter on me than on the model in the pictures. 

So I thought of an outfit hack. I’m going to buy a slip with black lace edging and wear it underneath, so the edging peeps out and adds a crucial couple of inches. I hope it won’t look awful, because I really need to wear this dress soon! Or failing that it will have to be thick black leggings…

Celine t-shirt- eBay

Lusting after these for a while (see my latest ‘Ways to Wear It’ post), so had to get one of these. Obviously its not from Celine, it was just an eBay buy. Is there copyright infringement going on here? 

Meh. Either way, I got my hands on it. As you probably know by now, I am loving the boyfriend style, oversized tshirts, and there are so many ways to style this tshirt up! Tucked into a pencil skirt, with some skinny jeans and a blazer, with leather leggings, under a colour pop biker… this item has really inspired me!

Printed jogging trousers - Topshop

Printed trousers are one of those trends I’ve approached with caution -I’m not the sort of person to wear floral printed trousers, so I needed to find a take on it that was a bit more wearable. 

I really like the look of luxe joggers worn with heels, and I have a grey silk pair from French Connection that I love in summer – and they’re also my go-to outfit for flying, because they’re more comfortable than jeans, still look pulled together and smart and are breezy enough to wear on hols as well. With that in mind, these were an easy step to take. 

The pattern is like black ink splatters on khaki which is a lot more wearable but still feels bold enough to make a splash. 

They’re very flattering on because they don’t balloon out too much and they have elasticated cuffs at the ankle and a neat little drawstring waist. They also have slimming black side panels. I’m enjoying wearing these as a casual weekend option!

Cobalt cut out shoes –

Another love at first sight item! Lately, I’ve been totally crushing on the sea of bright blue shoes that have appeared, but despite looking at what felt like hundreds of them, I couldn’t seem to find the right pair.

 I knew that I wanted some with cut-out details but they were proving quite elusive. At the same time, I also wanted a pair of lace-front heels and I’d been looking at those sorts as well. 

And then –boom!- Boohoo did a brilliant thing and combined both of these into one irresistible pair! 

So there wasn’t much thought required – I had to have them! These little beauties are great for giving an unexpected kick to plain outfits and there’s almost no shade they don’t work with. 

Navy blue playsuit – WalG

The next couple of items I actually bought in the blog sale that Helen over at The Love Cats Inc was running. I love Helen’s style and her blog, so I couldn’t resist taking a peek at her sale and me being me I immediately spotted a couple of items I liked.
Pictures courtesy of

 I was amazed to find anything my size actually as Helen is so slim and looks very model-like in her blog pics. 

I like playsuits but I have to be careful with the shapes of them – a lot of them look odd on me because of my apple-shaped figure. Generally the structured ones work best, and I loved the look of this with the asymmetric skort and the zip detailing, plus I’m drawn to anything navy blue because its such a flattering colour. I thought this would work both with bare legs in summer and over black opaques in the winter.

Black mesh patterened dress – Topshop

Another blog sale buy! Helen said this was ‘Alexander McQueen’ inspired dress. It’s a stretchy black mesh with raised geometric braiding and it appealed to me because it’s a bit unusual! We all own lots of little black dresses, but I didn’t have anything like this, even in my rather vast collection! Anything that’s a new take on a classic is good by me!  I’ll be wearing this with a black leotard underneath, again to save my modesty.

Blue jelly loafers – Office

It’s going to look like I have a blue-shoe buying problem, I’m fully aware but I swear its just coincidence! 

As soon as I saw these, I had to have them.  I’ve been craving some jelly loafers ever since I saw the Mulberry Bayswater Jelly flat. I asked Darling Husband if I could have a pair for my birthday, but try as we might, we couldn’t find them anywhere. I was quite disappointed but then these came along and they’re the next best thing.

 I love the contrast between the very classic, traditional shape and the jelly material, and obviously the colour didn’t hurt either! I actually want these to pep up my office outfits and weekend jeans.

So that and my trip to Primark have been my little clothes haul this month, hope you enjoyed!


  1. I am loving the Celine t-shirt and the playsuit is so gorgeous!
    BlushingBeauty x

  2. I wasn't too sure about the dress hanging, but it looks gorgeous on. You need to find a way to style it, quick! This is the whole reason I wish you could search pictures and not just words on the internet. Like, if you took a photo of something, entered it into the search box and then the engines would pop up with all the different articles…maybe one day in the far future. The playsuit is so, so gorgeous…a good steal there! Seems to be a navy blue theme running through the post…little obsession? Rosemary x

  3. Wow! that lace dress is gorgeous! please post some shots of how you style it. Love the purple shoes too! xx