Mini Primark Haul

Wednesday 2 April 2014

I've been naughty and had a mini haul from Primark. After my hair make-over last week at Tim Foster Hairdressing, I found myself in town on a late-night shopping night, and Primarni drew me in with its bright lights.

I've said before what a strange, love-hate relationship I have with the place. On the one hand, part of me doesn't like going there, thinks its all a bit tacky and knows its got questionable ethics when it comes to production. So periodically I swear off going in there. But then it always lures me back in. It's just so good for really fashion items to pep up your look, or basics like black tights. The workout gear is also pretty good now. I try to choose carefully when I pop in now and always ask myself if it looks cheap before picking it up!

I remember when I first discovered Primark, back when I was a student in Cardiff. They didn't have lots of shops then, so it was like a well-kept secret. Of course its everywhere now, and the prices are creeping up. I picked up a tailored jacket in there recently that was £23.00, which would have been unheard of a few years ago. But perhaps the quality is improving too. And the fashion edge certainly is!

Anyway, I got drawn in and I think the fact that I managed to come out with only three items was pretty good!

Leopard Frame Sunglasses

I know, I know. I only bought a pair of sunglasses from there a few weeks ago, and there's not even that much sun yet! But I was so drawn to these. They're obviously 'in the style of' Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but I loved the cool perspex leopard print frames that make them a bit different - they did have lots of different styles and colours though. These were only £1! At that price, it really would have been rude not to...

Neon Coral Snakeskin Purse

If there's one thing I don't usually buy in Primark, its bags. I'm super-fussy when it comes to handbags, although every so often there is one that really catches my eye. My regular purse is actually quite big and bulky, so when I have a smaller bag, I need to swap it out. This little number shouted my name! I loved the gorgeous coral colour - so summery -  and I also loved the textured snakeskin effect finish. This was so neat and will be perfect for nights out. This was £3.00, but I think it looks more expensive than that.

Lovefool T-Shirt

I have a serious obsession with boyfriend style t-shirts at the moment. It's the frustrated grunge girl in me! I think they look amazing when paired with dressy pieces like a bandage skirt or leather leggings. I've seen lots of band style t-shirts around and have always avoided them before. There's something about Topshop selling Ramones t-shirts that just seems unauthentic and a bit sad. However, when I saw this one I was sold! It doesn't seem so offensive when its a pop act. I used to love The Cardigans - in fact, Gran Turismo was one of the first proper albums I bought (on CD! How antique!), and its still a favourite. 'Love Fool' was on my wedding playlist as well. And Nina Persson is gorgeous. So this had to make it into my basket! It's a total bargain at £5.

So, that was my mini Primark haul. I had to restrain myself from some neon leopard print skorts (because I could just picture my husband rolling his eyes), but I'm sort of glad because they've taken over the blogosphere now!

What bargains have you found lately?


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    1. Awww, glad you like it! I couldn't resist for £3.00, what a steal! xx