The Daily Face: Go-to Makeup for Everyday

Saturday 1 March 2014

The whole point of make-up is having fun, experimenting and trying new things. But everyone needs what I call a 'go-to face', daily make-up that you can put on in a flash and rely on to look good.

Sometimes its fun to mix it up with a bright lip or an unexpected eye colour, and of course I go for specific make-up looks, but they're usually for nights out or special occasions. Most often, during the working week or for casual stuff at the weekend, I have my usual products, which I thought I'd share.

I keep my 'daily' products in a separate make-up bag from the rest of my stuff, so I know I can just pull it out and be ready to go.



Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum Matte

Primer has become an additional step over the last couple of years, because I work a long day and I want to do something to ensure that my base stays in place. I've been using Bourjois Happy Light for a while now. It comes in two versions - Luminous and Matte - and I bought both at the time. I actually don't massively rate this primer for staying power, although it does improve the look of my skin. Once this is used up, I'll probably move on and try something else that's a little more durable. This is mattifying though and the glass vacuum pump bottle it comes in is great.I just dot this on and smooth it in.

BB Cream

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

I don't like coverage that looks too heavy during the day, so I generally then move onto a BB cream, rather than a foundation at the moment. I got the Urban Decay BB a couple of weeks ago (full post on it here) so I'm still getting to grips with it, but I like it a lot so far. It has optical blurrers in and sunscreen, as well as a heap of other benefits. The formula is sheerer than I would normally go for though, and it certainly wouldn't do for a night out. But for day it gives an even, smooth appearance with no heavy, fake-looking effect.


Seventeen Skin Wow! 3-Way Highlighter

This product is a recent addition that has quickly worked its way from my drawer into my 'daily' bag, which goes to show how good it is. I've told so many people about this because I'm really impressed with the quality for the price- I've had to change my opinion of Seventeen products from just thinking its a sub-standard teen brand to something that's a serious contender! This can be used as a liquid highlighter, or on its own as a primer, or - like I do for everyday- a pump can be mixed in with your foundation. It just helps to pep up dull winter skin and it a really flattering pearly peach shot through with very fine gold particles- nothing too obvious, but just a really nice look. I mix this with the BB cream on the back of my hand and just use my hands to dot it on and work it in.


Benefit Erase Paste in Shade 2

My biggest skin woe is the horrible undereye area I've inherited (thanks, parents!). Not only do I get bad puffiness in the morning, but I have dark circles as well and now I'm getting older, a few fine lines. All in all, its a real problem area, so I need a concealer that delivers. I know the factors that make the problem worse (lack of sleep, too much salty food, not enough water) and although I try to address them, I don't always get it right. Even on a good day, that area never looks great. Erase Paste is a really good, salmon toned cream that covers shadows well. One of the best tips I've learnt is to apply your concealer in a 'piece of pie' triangle shape under the eye as this draws the focus down and away from the bags! I dot this on using a Mac 194 brush and then use the pad of my finger to roll and press the concealer in - the warmth helps it go on better.


Bare Minerals Original Formula in 'Medium'

This foundation is one of my best ever bases, and is a consistent repeat buy for me. I'd heard of it ages ago, but it wasn't until I was looking at some pictures I'd taken with my friend Lady T, and realised how great her skin looked compared to mine that I became curious, as I knew she used it and swears by it. I tried some and I have to say, its a great product. It gives really good coverage and softens imperfections but it still lets your natural skin show through - sort of like real life airbrushing. I always buff this into my skin using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. You need something short and densely packed, like that or a kabuki, for best results with a mineral powder like this.



Mac 'Naked Lunch' and 'Satin Taupe' or Bourjois Ombre Stretch 'Brun Nylon'

The eyeshadow is probably what varies the most from day to day with my look, but I have three fail-safe shades in my daily make-up bag that I reach for. The first is Mac's 'Naked Lunch', a light shimmery golden-peach that's just a little way off from my skintone. It's a good neutral colour with a hint of shimmer. I use the Real Techniques fluffy shadow brush to put this all over the lid. If I'm pushed for time, or looking especially tired, sometimes I'll stop there, or sometimes I use one of the darker shades for the crease and outer v- my eye makeup doesn't get any more elaborate than that on a weekday! If I want a darker shade, I reach for Bourjois Ombre Stretch shadow in 'Brun Nylon'. This is the most perfect silvery taupe shade. Or sometimes Mac Satin Taupe, which is more a bronzy-grey brown.


L'Oreal Perfect Slim Super Liner

During the week, I prefer just a quick swipe of liner from a pen-style applicator- these are so foolproof and smooth to use. I couldn't live without eyeliner, that little upward sweep just gives me a lift and lets me feel more myself! At the moment, I'm using this L'Oreal one and it's pretty good, but I switch it up all time and am also a fan of Eyeko Skinny Mini and Mac Fluidline.


Seventeen Doll'd Up 

At the moment, I'm mostly using Seventeen Doll'd Up during the week, another item from them that's impressed me. It's a brown-black shade that's a little more daytime. It's the first new one I've tried for a while after repeat buying L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic, which I have a nasty feeling is being discontinued. That's a shame as it was a big favourite for me. I only use mascaras with a plastic brush as I just think it gives a better, more defined result than a fibre brush, so I'm quite picky. I found this to be a good mascara and its currently my main one for day. As with all mascaras, I'm enjoying it more now I'm getting to the end of it and its drying up and getting thicker (anyone else like that? Just me? Oh well...)


Brow Powder

Mac Shadow 'Charcoal Brown'

Brows are so important to me, they get their own section! I can never be happy if I don't get them right in the morning, which can easily happen! At the moment, I'm using a Mac shadow in 'Charcoal Brown' to fill them in, using a Vital Radiance angled liner brush. I just think it gives a much softer appearance than a pencil. This shade is perfect because its a tone or two lighter than my actual brow hairs -  top tip there! If you use a shade that's too dark, you're just going to look scary - its far better to go lighter, and not too red in tone! This ashy soft chocolate shade is perfect for me and its now an essential.

Brow Mascara

Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara 'Medium Brown'

To take care of all the messy hairs and set the brow make-up, I stroke through some of this tinted gel to keep my brows on lockdown. I wanted this so badly when it first came out that I literally stalked my local Boots until they got it in! I'm now curious about Benefit's new tinted brow gel, so I might try that one at some point. After its dried and set I also use a little spoolie that you can see in the picture to comb them through to soften it all down a bit.

Brow Highlighter

Benefit High Brow

As a final touch, I add a sweep of this creamy-pink pencil under the brow line to make the arches more defined. It also gives a very clean and groomed appearance instantly (and hides all the little stray hairs you didn't have time to pluck before work!). Sometimes I'll also use this pencil on the inner corners of my eyes to look more awake, and around my cupid's bow to shape my lips. I've repeat bought this crayon since I was about 18 and I wouldn't be without it now. There's no shimmer so its perfect for a more natural look.



Contour and Highlight

Sleek Face Form Palette 'Shade 2 Medium'

I do contour my face most days, due to having a lack of good bone structure. I'm obsessed with other people's cheekbones, mainly because mine are nowhere to be seen. So the Sleek Face Form palette is the first place I'll turn. I use a Mac 168 to chisel away at my face and try to create some kind of shape, and then the Real Techniques Eye Contour brush to do the same for my nose. Then I take a big, fluffy powder brush to blend out all the harsh lines. I also use the 168 to apply a little highlighter powder to the tops of my cheeks and the centre of my nose. The blush in this palette I almost never use (its a really shiny bronze that I don't like at all!). I'd much rather have an apricot or pink blush in there. I much prefer the shade of the blush in the fairest Face Form palette, but then the contour colour wouldn't be dark enough. I've used this palette for quite a few years and I do remember when it didn't come with a blush, I wish you could still get it with just the contour and highlight shades!


Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush 'Cupid'

I don't always use blush and most often I just contour or add bronzer. But I do keep a blush in my daily make-up bag in case I'm feeling the need for a bit of a pop of colour. And the one I keep close by is the Watercolour blush. It's insanely durable - a tiny dot blends out to a gorgeous sheer finish but it will literally last all day. I highly recommend this product because it's amazing quality. I've had the same little bottle forever because it lasts so long, but I keep meaning to buy other shades of it -  a bronzer in this formula would be fab. This shade is quite pink so I have to go easy or I look like a china doll with two bright pink cheeks! You can buy a special application brush for it, but I just use my fingers to dot it on for a sheerer finish. I love Daniel Sandler stuff, but its stupidly hard to get hold of. I know you can buy it online, but I don't like to do that unless I'm sure what shade I need. The nearest stockist to me is a spa about an hours drive away. I would like more stuff from Daniel Sandler, they need a high street presence!



Astor Rouge Couture Automatic Lipliner 'Bois De Rose'

My lip routine during the week is not exciting at all, its literally sheer and natural. There's usually not much point with lipstick, seeing as I walk to work and then eat breakfast and not many lipsticks would stay fresh through all that! I tend to keep a couple of lipsticks in my desk drawer and pop them on when I get to work. So all I really do at home is use a neutral liner.

Lip Balm

Vaseline Pink Bubbly

I add a thin layer of lip balm to keep my lips hydrated, serve as a quick glossy and make sure they don't dry out too much on the walk to work. I'm a Vaseline addict and always have one on me! If I think my skin is looking dry, I'll use a dab as a cheek highlighter as well and it looks so dewy and lovely. This version smells so good as well!

The Finished Look

Light and natural but hopefully still groomed enough for work or coffee and shopping, visiting friends and things at the weekend!

I know it sounds a lot of products, but for a make-up junkie like me, this is the 'lite' version! With these things, I know I can do a speedy, 20 minute failsafe look.

What are your must-have daily face products?

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