Oooh, Spring Shoes!

Thursday 27 March 2014

SHOES! Have I got your attention? Good, we can proceed.

I know shoes are supposed to be some sort of lady-catnip and send us all into the throes of ecstasy as soon as we get a glimpse of a demi-wedge or a mule on the horizon. But as I’ve said before, generally I’m not much of a one for shoes.

Two reasons - my feet are weird. They’re a half size, which means I either have to get a 5 and suffer too-tight straps or get a 6 and get blisters when they rub because they’re a bit too big. They’re also wide, meaning anything pointy or narrow hurts. I really did not win the genetic lottery when it comes to feet!

I like my feet to be comfortable. If they aren’t, I get very miserable and grumpy and I don’t understand how other girls ignore foot pain! I’m also quite tall, so I often write off shoes with too big a heel because I have no desire to be 6ft on a night out. The high street’s infatuation with comedy stilt shoes over the past few seasons has left me cold.

Consequently, I’m not as into shoe shopping as you might expect. There are shoes I fall in love with and never wear, usually because they are too high or otherwise uncomfortable. If I find a pair that are comfortable and also cute, I wear them until they literally fall apart!

So, it’s a bit of a surprise to find myself wanting to drastically expand my shoe wardrobe this spring! There are a few styles that have really caught my eye to make it onto my spring footwear wishlist:


Flat strappy gladiators, £25.90, Kalzado

This style has been floating around for a while now, ever since Chanel brought out long, caged gladiator sandals on its catwalks.

But I’m drawn to them now in particular, because they work so well with the whole sports-luxe vibe at the moment. Because they’re such a trophy piece, the rest of the outfit needs to be very simple in order to let them shine, and as a fan of pared-back minimalist style in general, that appeals to me. I also like the way they straddle that territory between edgy and raunchy- but they are completely flat (my arches are rejoicing just looking at them!).

These sandals do have the potential to look awful if they aren’t treated in the right way. Hemlines need to be short in order to maximise the silhouette visually – so be prepared to don a mini or short shorts for these to work. It also helps to have lean, model like pins -  which I won’t lay claim to, but I am tall and my legs are long(ish), so I think these could work for me if treated right! I just love the impact of them.


Smudge print slingback flat, £20.00, Office

How cute are these? Fans of flatties like myself, will often look at their daytime shoes and wish that there could be a dressier version for night time. I think these could be the ideal day-to-night offering to bridge that gap. The non-heel says daytime, but the satin fabric, slingback strap and almond toe shape say night-time. I love the patterned finish and beautiful teal colour of these. They seem like such a versatile shoe – cute, office-appropriate, but still dressy enough to go out in. They’d be perfect with a pencil skirt, a full skirt, halter-neck sundress or tailored cigarette pants for a nod to 50s style. I sense I would get a lot of wear out of these!

Neon cut out ballerina flats, £30.00, Next

Who says ballerina pumps have to be boring? This little pair are anything but. The eye-catching patent neon finish makes sure they’re the star of the show. The cut out details that mimic lacework elevate them further, and the finishing touch is the chrome on the edging of the low heel – details like that make them look far more designer than the high street provenance and price tag! These shoes would work so well with a simple little black dress, or a bandage skirt with a loose-fit t-shirt or shirt tucked in.

Metal Clasp Sandals, £50.00, River Island

This looks like a heel I could handle! I adore the simple style of these and the metal clasps are beautiful. The ankle strap means they might even have a chance of being comfortable. The mix of nude and black leather feels fresh. These have a premium feel way above their price tag. They seem versatile enough to work with black opaques or bare legs and throughout all the seasons. I think they'd go with a variety of outfits as well, from little dresses to shorts and a tshirt.

Coral high-tops, £55.00, Ralph Lauren

Following seeing the light about wedge trainers, I’ve been a bit of a convert to sneaker style. Until recently, I only wore trainers for running or going to the gym – they simply weren’t part of my usual style vocabulary. And yet lately, colourful sport shoes have infiltrated the editorial spreads and the FROWs -  when Karl paired trainers with little tweed suits on the S/S 14 catwalk, their style status was officially anointed. I’m so glad, just because of the practicality factor, and they also appeal to the part of me that doesn’t want to look like I’m trying too hard. Bright, beautiful kicks can add a pop of colour to a pared back outfit and give a very easy-breezy effect. These hot coral baseball boots are just the ticket- and I am a fan of the polo man so to have that iconic logo on the side feels very 90s and very right for now. These will be my top pic to wear to festivals this summer – made for dancing all night in.

Leopard print skate shoes, £32.00, Vans

Skate shoes are having a micro-trend all of their very own at the moment, and of course Vans is the classic brand. The pared back, plimsoll style of these makes me feel so carefree, because it reminds me so well of my mis-spent youth, which I lived out in Vans and in Dunlop Green Flash! They’ve been updated with this muted, leopard print finish which is so right for now. Leopard print can act as a neutral if you treat it right, so there’s almost nothing these babies wouldn’t go with!

What are your spring footwear picks?

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