A Week in Pictures

Saturday 20 April 2013

I didn’t manage to do one of these last week, mainly because I started my new job and life’s been a bit of a blur! I don’t think I’ll be doing one of these every week anyway, my life isn’t really that interesting. It may have to become an occasional monthly round-up. Last week I did take a few pictures though:

Jessica Alba’s bikini body. Ok, so this is not a picture of my world, but it is affecting my world, so it makes it onto the list. This recent holiday snap of her looking amazing is my motivation to get myself to the gym at the moment. How can she look so amazing after two children? I have no children and she totally puts me to shame. So envious!

On the Riverbank. We went for a long walk the other day, more in amazement at the fact it was actually above minus figures and a bit sunny than anything else. This river is near my house and it’s a really peaceful place to walk. It also holds happy memories for me, as my wedding reception was held at a venue overlooking its banks. But although its April, most of the trees are still bare of leaves, which goes to show how unseasonably cold its been.

 Headboard idea. We’re looking to move house in September, so at the moment I’m getting engrossed in interiors magazines and blogs, dreaming up decorating ideas. I came across this really cool and quirky idea for a headboard made of weathered rowing boar oars (via Buzzfeed). I absolutely love it, although I have no idea where I’d get all the oars from to make it! Maybe eBay?

 View from my new desk. So, this is where I’m working now. I love the building because its so light and modern. The block is part of a new development that’s taking place in the town where I live and part of my job will involve marketing this and other business developments in various quarters of the city that are being developed. Pretty amazing! We’re up on the top floor of the building and you can see a panorama of the city and the canals spread out, its really inspiring. I love being surrounded by natural daylight when I’m working.

First Frap of the season. It’s been far too cold for anything approaching an iced coffee for more months than I can remember, so I made sure to toast the new-found sunshine with an ice-cold frappuchino as soon as it peeked out from behind the clouds! 

Oooh, New Shoes Alert! I may or may not have accidentally found myself at the doors of my nemesis, Primark, this week, looking for a lightweight weekend bag (before I found my dream weekend bag, here) and I may or may not have found myself buying a couple of pairs of shoes!  I didn’t mean to! But they were soooo cute! I can’t seem to resist the lure of a bargain either. The first are a pair of nude jelly sandals with rose-gold spike details on the straps (beyond cute! And an amalgamation of some of my favourite-ist things, namely nude, plastic, spikes and rose-gold. And they were something ridiculous like £3.00. So you see how its meant to be!). The second pair are smoking slipper-style flats in a tan leather with cut out details. Too nice to leave on the shelf.


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