L'Oreal Haul - Nude Magique BB Blush, Glam Shine Stain Splash, Rouge Caresse, False Lash Flutter

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Hi Dolls!

Apologies that I haven't written any 'Little Pieces' for quite a while. There's been a fair amount of upheaval in my life since I last wrote. I wasn't shopping or going out at all, so for once, make-up didn't really feature much in my life, but now I'm back! To celebrate, I got myself a few little treats from the L'Oreal counter.

Damn, L'Oreal have gotten good lately. They really seem to be coming out with some great products at the moment, and I always find myself drawn to their stand to see what's new. Here's what I got...

Glam Shine Stain Splash in 'Lolita' - £7.99

This product doesn't seem to have been advertised very much, so I just sort of stumbled across it while browsing. It's a 2-in-1 gloss and stain formula, with a shiny finish that leaves a long wearing residue of colour in its wake.

It feels really nice and lightweight on the lips and the stain does last a good few hours. I think this will be perfect for my new job. Long-lasting products are always good for the office, where you can't be touching up all the time.

I bought a mid-toned nude pink called 'Lolita' but actually, I'm thinking about getting some of the other, brighter shades. I think they would work better as the colour I bought is very neutral so although the stain does last, it sort of looks very nude on me when it's faded. They had a hot pink that I think would work really well in this formulation.

Rouge Caresse Lipstick in 'Lovely Rose'  - £8.19

I've spoken before about these, which are my favourite high street lipsticks. I love the semi-gloss finish and the highly pigmented colour pay-off, plus they leave your lips feeling soft and moisturised. I also like the clear packaging (as a shallow girl, packaging is important to me!).

I always meant to buy more shades, so this time I went for this light pink. It's a gorgeous, soft pastel on and really wearable. Perfect for doing a 60's look!

False Lash Flutter Mascara  - £10.99

L'Oreal's False Lash Telescopic is my current holy grail mascara, but I've been tempted to stray by their new launch, False Lash Flutter. The silver, art-deco style tube grabbed my attention, and I was intruigued the lure of 'Cocoon Fibres' and the 'double winged butterfly brush'. I wasn't disappointed! I really like this product. It does everything Telescopic does, but I thought it did make my lashes more fanned out looking. L'Oreal are getting seriously good at mascaras. The brush is a little chunkier than usual and took a little getting used to, but it did a fabulous job. The raised edge is good for building up pretty, winged out lashes, while the lower edge works well for bottom lashes. I would definitely repurchase this.
Ta-da! Winged out lashes with one coat of L'Oreal's False Lash Flutter

Nude Magique BB Blush - £7.99

Back in October, I raved about the Nude Magique BB Cream, and how good it was as a primer and skin-beautifier. Well since then, they have expanded the line, with three different formulations of 'CC' (colour correcting) creams for Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Dullness, and Anti-Redness, and they also launched the blush below.

The reason I wanted this was because I've been coveting Smashbox O-Glow for quite a while, and this product is basically a dupe for that. Like the Smashbox product, It's a clear gel that uses the PH balance of your skin to create a custom pink shade for you.

Getting a blush on with Nude Magique BB Blush
I don't always wear blush and I find it hard to track down a shade that looks natural and not too pink on my beige skintone, so I was excited to see if this one solved the problem! It's very natural looking, sheer and blendable and it developed into a reddish, raspberry-pink on me that's quite flattering. This is a great product to combine with a BB cream for a natural, lazy weekend look. I tried applying it to my lips as well, and it looked nice and gave a great silky finish. Impressed!

One last thing...

I needed some new tights and things, so I ended up popping into Primark. I picked up this black liquid liner by the till, and I have to say I am really impressed! The brush is fine and delicate, so its easy to get a nice precise shape with and the formula is dark and lasts well. It's just as good as ones I've paid a hell of a lot more from. And at £1 you certainly can't argue with the price! Their packaging also seems to have improved, and doesn't look too cheap and nasty anymore.

I'm thinking of branching out into the world of YouTube. I really depend on it for product news and tutorials, but I've never dared go on there myself. However, with all this time on my hands before I start my new job, I'm tempted to give it a go. It would be nice to start a new wave of 'real girls' on there, as a lot of the gurus on there at the moment are too famous and have just become paid spokespeople for various brands. What do you think? It's time for real girls to reclaim the 'tube?


  1. you have gorgeous eyelashes :)

  2. Well, that is very sweet of you to say, but its all the mascara! :)

    1. Well you do need lashes to put the mascara ON ;D I've used so many brands of mascara, and overall the best one I've worn is the Covergirl lashblast waterproof (orange tube), it really does give you the false lash effect, very dramatic!