TAG: Why Do You Wear Makeup?!

Sunday 28 October 2012

Posing in full war paint!
I can't resist a good tag post about beauty! Of course, it is rather a lazy way of ensuring that there's something to write about, but it can also give a lovely insight into the lives of those whose blogs we adore!

I've just stumbled across and started to follow the great site run by Sarah called Ohh So Glam!, which I love already. It's exactly my kind of read. I love it when you find a new favourite blog, because there's hours of fun to be had going through all the posts you missed! She'd posted a tag post recently, and it's only short, so I decided to have a go at filling it in!

When did you begin to love makeup?

I've seen lots of pictures of me when I was little, smeared in lipstick and blusher where I've clearly raided my mum's dressing table, so I'd have to say ever since I could toddle really! A lot of girls who love make-up have similar stories, so I really think its something that is quite often passed down from your mum. Among my friends that don't wear a lot of make-up, their mothers usually didn't either. But my mother is a total beauty junkie and she's probably the reason for a lot of my obsession with the stuff.

As a former professional dancer, my mum knew some really great cosmetic tricks, and could make herself look fabulous with powder and paint, which always fascinated me. I clearly remember her sitting me down and putting some kohl pencil on me for the first time for a school disco, and how mesmerised I was with the effect. I love my mum but we haven't always had the best relationship, and we now live miles apart so I don't get to see her as much as I'd like. But make-up is still something that brings us together.

She came up to visit last weekend and on the first evening, we had our make-up bags out to show each other our new buys! We're both always looking for exciting new products, and although our tastes are a bit different, we usually want to try a lot of the same things!

How do you feel without makeup?

Not very happy. I will go without if I'm popping to the gym before work or it's Sunday and I'm washing all my brushes or something, but I'm generally not happy about being seen in public without anything at all. That said, I certainly don't think women should feel pressure to wear cosmetics, which I explore in my 'Morningface' post, here. A lot is said about 'being the real you', but I always say that the real me wears eyeliner. I feel a lot more confident and free to be myself when I know my make-up is in place. Beauty is a pleasure to me, not a chore, and I really enjoy the time I spend making up each day.

What do you like about makeup?

The way it can transform your entire look, the confidence it gives me, and the 'me time' I get while putting it on! I love discovering new products and talking about them with people. I'm massively into self-improvement, both internal and external, and I love to witness the change from scruffy to glamorous! I've written a post in the past about Why I Love Make-Up, here.

Three 'Holy Grail' items?

Three? Three?!?! That's absolutely brutal. I'm just finishing a post on my 25 Can't Live Without Products, let alone three!! But if I really, really had to choose...

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rose and Almond Oil
I just can't live without this pink-tinted pot of wonder, especially since I discovered using it on my cheeks. There's no way I'd ever be without this!

Mac Fluidline
I'm massively into eyeliner, and I wouldn't feel like me without a quick slick of my favourite. I would really rather go without foundation than without eyeliner!

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara
My holy grail mascara, I love this product. As it was one of the first to advertise without false lashes, I was intrigued when it came out, and I've loved it ever since for the impact and definition it gives. It's been able to take the place of Lancome Fatale, which I was obsessed with and then they bloody discontinued (replacing it with something that was supposed to be better, and was significantly worse!). What I like most about both of these mascaras was that they have solid comb brushes that pick up a big reservoir of product for dramatic, but still separated lashes.

Please feel free to take this TAG and pass it on, and if you do answer it, post a link to your blog below, I'd be really interested to see what you think!

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