Flash Tip: Vaseline Rosy Lips...for cheeks!

Monday 23 July 2012

Ok. So, I'm going to state a make-up tip which may be blindingly obvious to most of you, but it's something I have never thought about doing before and now I've started doing it, I'm addicted. I honestly can't believe it's never occured to me!

Use Vaseline Rosy Lips (the balm with rose and almond oil, in the little pink and white tin) on the tops of your cheeks as a highlighter.

This is one of those simple things that has completely changed my routine.

It just leaves a really healthy looking highlight- great for when, say, you have a lot of shimmery eyeshadow and any more shimmer would just kill the look and be completely over the top- Vaseline is the perfect alternative! You can still bring light to the face and emphasise (or in my case, try to fake) bone structure, but without a load of glitter.

This little 'well....duh!' idea came to me after reading a magazine interview with someone who said she'd seen Kate Moss doing it on the Eurostar....and if it's good enough for fashion's leading lady..

I'm no stranger to using lipstick on my cheeks, but I would never have thought of anything as glossy as Vaseline. But it doesn't make you look greasy or anything! Just a nice glow.

And with that completely obvious revelation out of the way, I will now go on to discover electricity exists and I can stop using candles to power my laptop....or something.

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