New Arrival: My Mulberry Alexa

Wednesday 22 February 2012

I am wildly excited to announce that I have just placed an order for my long lusted after dream accessory, the Mulberry Alexa in mini patent leopard!

Swoon!! This bag has been my dream for ages, and I began diligently saving my pennies up a while ago.

Due to having a few other massive expenses to save for (like a wedding!) it took a bit longer than I wanted, but I'm finally there and giddy with excitement.

I've always been a 'bag lady' over shoes, every time. And this one I fell instantly in love with. I'm just a regularly Joanna in a regular paid job, so it's not something I can splash out on without thinking twice.

I knew I had to be absolutely sure that it was 'the one', and I wanted a bag that would be versatile for work or for casual times. I spent hours reverently gazing at the Mulberry website, debating the pros and cons of various models and dreaming whenever work was especially shitty!

So I'm doing a little dance of joy as my baby is on its way to me now! So excited for it to get here!!

Only now I feel like I need a new purse to go in it....

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