January Lust List

Sunday 29 January 2012

Winter gloom is still all around us, but somehow my thoughts have turned to brighter days. The sale items are finally being cleared off the shop floors (paradox: I love a bargain, but I HATE a sale. There's just something so off putting about the racks of sad remnants of a past season that seems to suck all the joy out of shopping!).New stuff is finally filtering filtering through and I seem to want it all.Perhaps its the effect of the first payday after the horrible month of January, but I am so in the mood to shop! I keep seeing stuff that catches my eye and puts a spring in my step. So here is my 'lust list' for this month.

Chunky Agate stone ring - Love Hearts & Crosses (http://shop.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk/)

I'm not generally much of a ring wearer (other than my wedding bands!), but I do love these gorgeous rough-cut stone rings. They're all delicious, but the pink is catching my eye...

Lime Yellow Blouse - H&M

Something about this bright yellow/lime colour is really floating my boat at the moment. It's just so punchy and vibrant. It SINGS. I nearly bought a dress this colour last month, but I chickened out at the last moment. But I think this top is a much more wearable way to wear it, and I'm hoping the shape will work for the office or for play.

Barry M Lip Paints - 147 and 129

Okaaaaay...I am really late onto the whole Barry M thing. I know a lot of blogs go wild for their stuff, but it's never appealed to me at all. I think it's the packaging. I'm shallow and easily seduced by a pretty bottle or tube - indeed, I have bought many products that turned out to be crap, just because they looked so shiny and appealing in the packet. And I do really hate the Barry M packaging and name....just looks so cheap and drag-queeny. However, I had to overcome my aversion, because when I went out on Friday, one of my friends had on the most amazing peachy-pink lip colour (147) that I fell instantly in love with. I had to have it. I also purchased the lilac bubblegum-my pink, (129) as its a colour I have been wanting to try for ages, ever since Nicki Minaj/Lady Gaga rocked it. So, I guess you could say I'm feeling a louder lip for spring!

Cream Quilted Leather iPhone 4 case -eBay

I haven't changed my iPhone case in forever. I've always kept it in a white leather slimline flip case, but this was getting annoying as the mechanism of the case prevents me putting it into the speaker or charger docks I have. And I fancied a change, of course. I found this gorgeous cream leather quilted clip-on back browsing on eBay. It's so Chanel, dah-ling! Actually, I saw a magazine feature a couple of years ago on this company that did 'pimp-my-iPhone' style upgrades, with diamonds etc, and they had one with a grained leather back that I loved- but it was so expensive and out of my league. This is my cheap homage to that!

This girl's outfit/style/life - Morven http://morven-catsandrockingchairs.blogspot.com/

I have a serious girl crush on this outfit, and this lady. What can I say? It's the kind of thing I would love to be brave enough to wear. I'm not nearly stylish enough and when I try to be more edgy, I always look kind of stupid and mis-matched instead. Plus, I think I am guilty of that ultimate crime, dressing for boys and to look pretty rather than for other girls and to look 'fashion' (ouch...that hurt to admit!). I love fashion but it doesn't love me! Whenever I try something more directional, I look silly and don't have the confidence to carry it off. BUT....this is what I dream of looking like. Morven is drop-dead gorgeous and high-fashion. She's a style goddess. I can only dream of looking as great as she does, but I do like to dream!! This is an outfit she put together for an ASOS styling competition - you can vote for her to win via her blog (linked above). Which I think you should do, because this is a beauty of an outfit. L.O.V.E

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  1. I love the Barry M lippies!