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Monday 31 May 2010

I’m off to the theatre to watch The Rocky Horror Show with a few friends, and as is the tradition, we’re all dressing up. The last time I went to a ‘Rocky’ event was when I was a teenager and really into the show, but I haven’t thought about the show for a number of years.

I really like Rocky Horror and the sense of celebrating ‘Freaks and Geeks’ it brings. And when you go, you have to dress up - it’s just the tradition of these things. Rather than going as a specific character from the show,

I decided to go as a ‘Translyvanian’ or an extra – which basically means as much PVC, leather, fishnets and suspenders as you can shake a stick it! It is quite awkward going to the theatre in what is, essentially, underwear (it helps if your friends are also dressing up and you take a few glasses of vino beforehand!) but you soon realise that, with all the guys dressed up in their own suspenders in tribute to Dr Frank N Furter, the girls are the last thing everyone’s looking at. I didn’t want to spend a lot on a costume, so I pieced mine together from bits and bobs I already had, plus a few new additions. Here’s the run down..

Fishnet tights or stockings are a must for Rocky tributes. I combined my H&M ones with a black corset with boning that I bought from the label Million Dollar Babe a few years ago (I used to be big into corset tops in my rock days!) and black wet-look hotpants (never thought I’d be typing that in connection with an outfit I’m going to wear) I picked up for a couple of pounds in Primark. I also scored some of the funkiest undies in there - silky black and white striped with a bright red lace trim! Again, not my usual style, but the occasion demands it! I added a black leather waist belt from Topshop to add in a bit of extra interest and ramp up the S&M overtones. Over the top, I threw a long white lab coat I sourced on eBay for very little money, which I splattered with fake blood I had left over from Halloween dress-ups. I also used a toy stethoscope I’d somehow gotten during my student days. On my feet were black lace peep-toes from New Look.

Make up wise I used:

Primark The Prime of Your Life facial primer - a new product in the Primark make-up range I've been testing. The line can be a little hit-and-miss -some products are great, others not so much. I haven't got much to compare it to as I've never used a primer product before, but it does make your skin look smooth and glowy. Not sure if it dramatically extends how long your make-up lasts, but mine seemed to stay on well.

Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation -a new buy of mine. I really rate this. It gives a smooth coverage and seems to look a lot more natural and to last even better than the Dream Matte Mousse.

Bourjois Eclat Mineral Powder in Vanille

Urban Decay Ink in ‘Zero’

Sleek Storm palette (the shade that looks like black and emeralds all crushed up together on my lids, plus the flat dark brown tone to fill in my eyebrows)

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitter Liner

A mix of 17 Lasting Fix lipsticks in 'New Black' and 'Hot Chilli'

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