OOTN: Puffballs for Parties

Sunday 9 May 2010

I've never done an outfit post before, but considering how much effort goes into me actually deciding what to wear, I thought I might start!

Just a little disclaimer, before we go there. I'm actually not very stylish. I'm very 'vanilla'. I'd like to be more out there and high fashion, but the main ingredient to make those things work is guts, and I tend to wuss out when it comes to it. I enjoy clothes, but I'm not the most cutting-edge person out there. I try to choose styles and shapes that will work for me personally. And I'm still learning, finding my feet and making mistakes.

So, with all those excuses out of the way, here is the outfit I put together to go out for a friend's birthday recently (the night of the porn star martini!)

Outfit Breakdown:
White with gold stripes puffball bandeau dress - Zara
Tan skinny waist belt - H&M
Nude 'Orielle' shoe boots - All Saints
Navy blue cropped blazer - Primark
Darwin shoulder bag - Mulberry

Apologies for the poor quality photo, I had my boyfriend on camera duty and he kept messing around!

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