OOTN: Totally Gaga

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Last week,  I mentioned that I was putting together a costume for a fancy dress party I was going to.

Now, the words 'fancy dress' are like aural Marmite - some people want to run away and hide behind the sofa and some relish the challenge.

Being a closet exhibitionist, I obviously quite like them. But when my friend Kerry decided her birthday party was going to be costumed, I really didn't know what to go for, especially since there was no set 'theme'.

I did toy with the idea of Marie-Antoinette, but I decided if I was to do that, I'd really want to push the boat out and get a top-notch costume and those powdered wigs are awfully expensive, you know.

The timing of the party wasn't great as it was back in January (hence bone-achingly cold) and right before the payday after Christmas, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume I'd only wear once.

I decided to do a straw poll of the office, and someone said 'Lady Gaga'.

At first I dismissed the idea as too complicated, but then it grew on me - I am a fan of Gaga and I kind of hoped her outrageous dress sense might give me some confidence to go with it.

Now, it's an odd tribute to dress up as her because we know she doesn't like people copying her look, and to be fair most of the more outlandish 'Haus of Gaga' stuff is pretty impossible to copy anyway.

 I looked into the idea a little bit (lots of studious Google-ing of crazy Gaga outfits, which was fun) and found there was one look I could replicate without actually spending a fortune. In the end it was quite easy and cost-effective.

On the night, I definitely found myself adopting some of her diva-like, 'I am an artiste' attitude, especially when one of my friends sat there repeating "....but you actually look famous!' in wonderment.

It was a good night and probably the only place in the world apart from a Living TV seance you could have seen John Lennon dancing with Gaga and Batman.

Hope you like the outfit! xx

Black satin leotard - Leg Avenue (originally part of a bunny girl outfit!), black patent waist belt with rope detail - Primark, Black snood - American Apparel, Black costume elbow gloves - Aunty Dolly's Theatrical Shop, black fishnet tights (not v. visible on photo, but they were there!) - H&M, Long blonde wig with fringe - eBay, Geometric shades - Rainbow Retro, Fuschia lips - Vital Radiance in 'Watermelon', Silver ankle strap peep-toe stilettos (not visible) - Ella.
The real deal - pictures I based my outfit on!

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